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An individual Family Office focussing
on Alternative Investments 

Founded by a group of longtime friends and partners to invest our own money alongside other UHNW families, the Vorsprung Private Family Office has evolved into a unique investment ecosystem for wealthy families and individuals focussing on Alternative Investments. Through our exceptional network, we offer our clients and partners unique access to exclusive off-market transactions in Private Equity, Specialized Funds, Art and Real Estate. In doing so, we always stick to our roots and invest jointly with the families we serve in every transaction to ensure the highest level of alignment of interest. To augment our core business of investing capital, we offer our clients an exceptional level of service to guarantee long-term asset growth as well as asset protection so they can enjoy their wealth over generations. 

Our Focus - Alternative Investments  

As liquid markets are becoming more and more efficient, we believe the real driver for long-term and stable asset growth lies in Alternative Investments. In our definition, Alternative Investments include Private Equity in the form of Direct and Co-Investments, Highly Specialised Funds, Art and Collectibles as well as, in a broader sense, Real Estate. Our team consists of leading experts in these fields, all of which have decades of experience and know-how. Thus, we are focussing in-house on what we do best - Alternative Investments - while outsourcing most matters relating to liquid assets to our first-class partners. Our partners for liquid assets are leading banks and asset managers who are among the most prominent specialists in their industries and stand for highest professionalism, performance and integrity. 

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