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Vorsprung acquires Germany's leading tree nursery and forestry service company

Chasing the ESG Premium: Vorsprung's new portfolio company reduces more than 250,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

Vorsprung is delighted to announce the purchase of Schrader Umweltmanagement AG. Schrader is a leading tree nursery and provider of landscaping and forestry services in Germany. Founded in 1901 and headquartered in the Pinneberg region, it is one of Europe's largest tree nursery areas, as well as one of the largest and oldest providers in plant production, landscaping and forestry services in the German forestry sector. With seven locations throughout Germany, Schrader is provides a holistic service offering to foresters by supplying them with a range of more than thirty tree species and services to plant and foster the young plants in forests all over the country.

Schrader is operating in a market that is impacted by changing weather patterns, prolonged periods of drought and widespread vermin infestations that have led to significant damages in German forests. This has led to a need to reforest more than 277,000 hectare in the next years. As one of the largest German tree nurseries, Schrader plays an important role in the reforestation effort in Germany and is a cornerstone that facilitates the transition towards a more resilient and sustainable forest landscape, better able at resisting changing climate.

The company has direct and measurable impact on the environment and makes an important contribution to the efforts of combating climate change as the trees sold by Schrader capture over 250,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.

Florian Lahnstein, Managing Partner of Vorsprung, competed:

"We are excited to join the historic owners of Schrader and to get the opportunity to partner with a highly experienced and proven management team that has successfully managed Schrader as the 4th family generation in the company. Schrader is a truly sustainable and ESG-focused company that we are looking forward to strategically develop and grow into the true leader in the forestry industry."

Harald Jess and Bernd Schrader, Managing Directors of Schrader Umweltmanagement AG, commented:

"Vorsprung's approach to team up with large families in acquiring German Mittelstand companies for the long term, was exactly the type of partner we were looking for. Together with Florian Lahnstein and his partners, we are looking forward to grow Schrader to the next level, by adding digital business like re-forestation apps as well as by consolidating our industry segment."



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