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Vorsprung launches Arboretum Solutions as Germany’s first one-stop-shop CO2 compensation provider

Together with its portfolio company, the Schrader Group, Germany’s largest tree nursery, Vorsprung is delighted to announce the launch of “Arboretum Solutions”.

Arboretum Solutions will support companies on their journey to carbon neutrality through the reforestation of German forests.

The company is dedicated to assisting organizations and companies to achieve their climate mitigation and sustainability goals. Arboretum Solutions’ offering covers the entire compensation value chain: from compensation consulting to organization and marketing; from the identification of areas suitable for afforestation, to the implementation of planting measures and long-term protection of the planted trees. Arboretum Solutions is the only B2B provider in the German market that can offer both afforestation and reforestation for carbon emission compensation and that combines the entire value creation process under one roof through their partnership with the Schrader tree nursery.

Vorsprung is looking to strengthen its footprint in the sustainable forestry segment through the founding of Arboretum Solutions and is thereby expanding the product and service offering of its portfolio company, the Schrader Group. To find out how you can compensate your emissions with Arboretum Solutions, please visit our website ( and get in touch with us!



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