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Vorsprung Partnership advised Interopa Film GmbH on its sale to Dubbing Brothers

The Vorsprung Partnership is delighted to announce that it has advised one of its investor families on the sale of Germany’s leading dubbing and synchronization studio group Interopa Film GmbH to Dubbing Brothers.

As a full-service dubbing provider, Interopa offers dubbing services for movies, TV productions as well as streaming. Especially within the streaming segment, Interopa experienced significant growth momentum triggered by the rapidly growing demand for streaming services in Germany and the enormous expansion of its streaming offering by Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime. Through the acquisition by Dubbing Brothers, Interopa found a strong strategic partner which will support them to capture the enormous growth opportunities within the streaming sector in the future.

Dubbing Brothers will strengthen its presence within the high-quality German dubbing market. As one of a handful gold certified partners by Netflix, Interopa stands for highest quality within the dubbing industry. Dubbing Brothers and Interopa already have a trusted long-standing relationship, as Dubbing Brothers is a joint shareholder of FFS Film- und Fernsehsynchron GmbH, a subsidiary of Interopa, since 2019.

The Vorsprung Partnership acted as exclusive sell side advisor to Interopa Film GmbH and its shareholding family.

About Interopa Film GmbH

Founded in 1959 by Gert J. Weber, Interopa evolved into one of Germany’s leading dubbing studios offering high quality dubbing services for movies, TV productions and streaming content. Based in the heart of Berlin, Interopa serves a blue-chip client portfolio of renowned national and international corporations with a strong focus on the fast-growing streaming segment.

About Dubbing Brothers

Dubbing Brothers is a French dubbing studio group with facilities in Italy, America, Belgium, Spain, and Germany operating over 100 studios.



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