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A holistic approach for
Prime Real Estate transactions  

With our Real Estate division, we offer our clients an extensive range of services covering the whole lifecycle of a property. We primarily focus on the DACH region and act as a long-term and reliable partner for international investors seeking exposure to the respective region as well as to local construction companies and project developers looking for investors and well-connected partners. As all of the Vorsprung Real Estate Partners have decades of experience in Senior Management positions at major real estate companies in the DACH region, we can give our clients access to one of Europe's most exclusive real estate networks to offer them first-class advice and a unique holistic approach. In doing so, we act completely independently throughout the entire process to ensure the optimal result for our clients.  

For Investors 

Through our unique network in the local Real Estate market, we offer international investors access to the most attractive transactions in the DACH region. In doing so, we pursue a holistic approach, characterized by a comprehensive portfolio of modular services. This includes, in addition to the pure access to exclusive transactions, the structuring of complex project financings as well as project-related analyses to determine the viability of investments incl. the exit scenario. If needed, we can also prepare loan templates for project financing and negotiate loan terms directly with banks, to ensure the best possible financing terms suitable for the individual project. 


For Construction Companies & Developers

We offer local construction companies and project developers access to the most renowned international and national investors enabling them to attract global attention for their local expertise and projects. Thereby, we provide our clients with wide-ranging support throughout the whole lifetime of their project, going far beyond the mere brokerage and raising of capital. As a private partnership, we are not dependent on any institution and are exclusively remunerated by our clients, ensuring complete transparency and independence in order to find the perfect partners and investors for their individual project. In doing so, we do not focus on the mere monetary aspects, but pay strong attention to the strategic fit between the investors and our clients. 

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